Still South Africa’s No.1 Think Pink Aerolite Installers

Domestic ceiling insulation & roof insulation | Commercial ceiling insulation | Cavity wall fill | Soundproofing

Think Pink Aerolite offers exceptional and acoustic properties, and is one of if not THE most sought after home insulation product on the market.    Insulate your home and enjoy life long energy savings, and watch as Aerolite pays for itself in just a couple of years.

Stay comfortable throughout the year!  Aerolite’s excellent thermal properties, keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer, by reducing heat flow throughout your home, and reduces electricity consumption by reducing the need to use temperature controlling electronics to stay comfortable during our extreme seasons.

How can Aeropink Ceiling Insulation Benefit You?

Aeropink Ceiling Insulation was established in 1967. Aeropink is the most experienced Ceiling Insulation Supplier and Aerolite Installer in South Africa. Aeropink has installed Aerolite in thousands of homes, offices, hospitals and other buildings over the past 47 years.

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