Does Aerolite provide soundproofing?

Aerolite has excellent sound absorption properties thus reducing external noise leaving your home much quieter. Sound striking a hard surface is bounced off. When it strikes a layer of fibreglass, it enters the material and encounters friction, which changes the sound energy into heat energy.

A sound absorption co-efficient of say 0.95 implies that 95% of the energy is absorbed. At the higher frequencies the co-efficient can be greater than 1 – the material has an absorption effect so that more sound reaches it than would fall on the same area if it were hard.

The high notes are absorbed more than the low ones. This is typical of a fibrous sound absorber and need not necessarily be a disadvantage because the ear is less sensitive to the low frequencies while the high frequency components of noise are annoying.

Test results prove that low frequency absorption increases appreciably with increased thickness. To absorb all frequencies well, use a thick layer of Fibreglass. If high frequency absorption is required, a more economical thinner layer could be sufficient.

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