There are many different insulation options, what makes Aerolite the best choice?

  • Aerolite contains no asbestos, plastics or recycled paper & carries no health hazards.
  • Aerolite does not provide sustenance for rodents.
  • Aerolite carries a Class 1 Fire Index Rating from the TIPSASA fire register and is non-combustible. There are no limitations when using Aerolite as an insulator.
  • During the installation of Aerolite in your home, the hot water pipes and geyser in your roof are insulated free of charge, which will ensure that the heat loss is much less than normal bringing even more savings and money back in your pocket to spend on the things you enjoy.
  • Aerolite is manufactured according to state of the art technology which has significantly reduced the itch, making the product more user friendly.
  • To maintain comfort, the heat loss in winter must be replaced by a heating system and the heat gained in summer must be removed by an air conditioner.
  • Insulating ceilings, walls and floors decreases the heating and cooling needed by providing an effective resistance to the flow of heat.
  • Aerolite works by limiting air movement. The still air is an effective insulator, because it eliminates convection and has a low conduction.

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