Struggling to keep your home warm this winter? Is your heating bill costing more as the days go? A need for insulation could be the reason. During winter, heat escapes through the walls and roof of your home, making it difficult to keep it warm. While its always better to have a professional from a ceiling insulation company install it for you, you can also take the DIY route. Here’s how to get started:

What You’ll Need

Firstly, in order to handle roof insulation, you should wear protective gloves, since insulation materials can often cause skin irritation. You will also want some protective eyewear, since there will be a lot of dust in the areas you are working in. You will also need to cut the insulation to ensure that it fits snuggly between the beams, so a wood-saw will be a good option too. Since you will need to measure the beams you are working on, no insulation job should be done without a measuring tape.

Measuring & Cutting

Beams are generally between 700 and 750mm wide, but this is almost never exact, so it’s a good idea to take a few rolls of the insulation up with you so that you can measure it for cutting. When doing this, measure for around 75mm of extra space.

If cutting the strips in the roof space, be sure to hold the saw horizontally so as not to damage the ceiling.

Install Between the Beams

Lay the insulation flat and cut around any piping. Use the 800mm rolls first, once they are done, move on to the 400mm ones. When laying insulation, be sure to leave no gaps, or it will reduce its effectiveness.

Keep Clear of Down Lights

While Aeropink is fire resistant, you need to take care not to cover any downlights. They need to be given room to breathe, or they themselves can contribute to a fire hazard.

Contact Aeropink for Details

When insulating your own home, it is best to use high quality insulation materials like those offered by Aeropink. To find out more about our roof insulation solutions, be sure to get into contact with one of our representatives, or visit our website today for details.