About Us

At Aeropink Ceiling Insulation Company many of our customers are repeat clients who have installed Aerolite previously, and when moving into a new home, immediately contact us for their new ceiling insulation. They can achieve the same benefits from Aerolite in their new home, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer.

A few reasons why we continue to be the best ceiling insulation company:

→ Aeropink Ceiling Insulation was established in 1967.
→ Aeropink is the most experienced and certified Ceiling Insulation Company, Supplier and Installer in South Africa.
→ Aeropink has installed Aerolite in thousands of homes, offices, hospitals and buildings over the past 50 years.
→ No job is too big or too small!

Simple to install, Aeropink installation teams insulate an entire home which normally takes no longer than a day. Aeropink Ceiling Insulation has installed Aerolite in single rooms and buildings of thousands of square meters over the years.

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