Aerolite is Non-Combustible

Aerolite is Rated A/A1/1 Completely Non-Combustible and has no installation limitations

Aerolite is rated A/A1/1 on the TIPSASA fire performance register, and does not contribute to the spread of flames, and can be used in vertical or horizontal applications as proven during fire standard testing.

Many homes are left at risk with unsafe insulation products and incorrect applications, leading to house fires which can be prevented by installing thoroughly tested products such as Aerolite.

Fire performance classification of thermal insulated building envelope systems in accordance with SANS 428:2012

Products are first tested to establish the combustibility rating – A (Non-combustible) or B (Combustible).

Aerolite is rated A (Non-Combustible)

Aerolite is made up from glass-wool also known as fibreglass which does not ignite when exposed to fire and has been tested and rated as completely Non-Combustible Insulation.

Products are tested to determine surface fire properties – Example: A1 and/or B1, B2, B3 or B4

Aerolite received a Surface Property Rating of A1

Aerolite does not spread flame does not contribute to the spread of flame.

Use of products in accordance with Occupancy Classifications

Aerolite received a “Use of products in accordance with Occupancy Classification” of 1

Aerolite can be installed in any type of residential, public and commercial building.

Permissible Application

Aerolite has been classified as H & V

Aerolite can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

BULK INSULATION (Flexible or Loose fill) Register (Tested in accordance with SANS 10177-5 & SANS 10177-10)

Product/Brand Name Thickness Type Fire Report Number Report Date Fire Classification
Aerolite (Think Pink) 135 mm Glass Wool FTC13-088 2013/08/20 A/A1/1
Eco Insulation 75 mm Cellulose fibre FTC12-123 2012/12/04 B/B1/2 H only
Fabufill (Colour White) 100 mm Polyester fibre FTC11-085 2011/09/19 B/B1/2 H only
Isotherm (Colour Green) 100 mm Polyester fibre FTC13-014 2013/05/06 B/B1/2 H only
Romatherm (White) 100 mm Polyester fibre FTC11-116 2011/10/26 B/B1/2 H only
Thermguard 100 mm Cellulose fibre FTC10-170 2011/03/03 B/B1/2 H only

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