Aeropink is Green!

Aerolite is produced from a combination of naturally occurring minerals such as Silica Sand which is a sustainable resource Up to 80% recycled glass – making our glasswool environmentally friendly and non-combustible.

Used for more than 70 years, Isover’s glasswool products have proven themselves as popular, ecological and safe to use insulation materials that are probably the most well documented and tested building materials in the world.

Isover glasswool insulation is manufactured from a combination of sand and up to 80% recycled post-consumer glass that would otherwise go to landfill. On average, our glasswool contains 50% recycled glass. Process waste is reduced by incorporating production scrap back into the primary production process, or reprocessing it into other products.

Isover Aerolite glasswool product saves more than 100 times the energy used to manufacture the product during it’s lifespan!

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