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At Aeropink Ceiling Insulation cc, we work with a varied range of insulation products which are designed to keep your living spaces at a comfortable temperature throughout the hot summer months. One such product is Aeropink, a long-standing and trusted insulation solution which can be found all over the country.
What is Aeropink?
By sealing off gaps and holes in your home’s ceilings and walls, Aeropink is able to drastically reduce temperatures in your home by slowing the transfer of heat to and from outside the house. Because of this, it is ideal for keeping temperatures down in the summer while also keeping your home warm in the winter months.
Reduce Heat Flow in your Home?
Since Aeropink slows the transfer of heat between the exterior and interior of your home, it significantly reduces the flow of heat within your living spaces. South Africa is a notoriously hot country, which is why this product is used country-wide to keep things cool and comfortable.
Aeropink is Non-Combustible
Many insulation products come with an elevated risk of fire, while Aeropink on the other hand, is completely fire retardant. It carries a class 1 fire index rating according to the TIPSASA, making your home a safer place to live in.
Aeropink Does Not Attract Vermin
Different types of rodents may make a home in the tight spaces of your home if the insulation solution you use is able to sustain them with nutrients. Aeropink is carefully designed to be substance-less in this regard, and so will not attract any rodents to your home.
Aeropink is Safe for You, Your Family, and the Environment
There are no health hazards associated with Aeropink, and as such it is perfectly safe to use in your home, for your entire family.
Aeropink Reduces your Power Costs
Since Aeropink controls the flow of hot and cool air in your home, you will become less reliant on cooling and heating systems; and when you do use them, they will be far more effective. What are the results of this? Drastically reduced power costs!
Contact Aeropink for Details
To find out more about how our team who can assist you with applying Aeropink to your home, give us a call or drop us an email to find out more about this, and other insulation solutions for your home.

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