Winter has arrived and by the feel of things, it is going to prove to be a cold one. Cold winters can also mean pricey winters as attempts to keep warm increase our electricity bills. The South African has reported that two-bar heaters used in the month of April cost the average household an extra R270.43 onto their electricity bills. There are ways to save heat, money and the environment simultaneously.

Containing the Heat

One of the best ways to heat your home for a comfortable indoor environment is to ensure that the heat generated is properly contained. Excess airflow will allow the heat to escape, whilst cold air will rush in to replace the heat. Heaters will be fighting against this process wasting energy, and all the while, you’ll remain cold. Roof insulation is one of the most effective ways to target this problem, providing a long-term solution and reducing the loss of heat by up to 87 percent.

Saving Money, Saving Energy

Heaters that are working against their immediate environment will be on for longer, at higher temperatures in an attempt to balance the temperature. If the space is a large one, this is amplified even further.

By having effective insulation stored in your ceiling, the heater will only have to heat the room up once and the insulation will ensure that the heat is circulated even when your heater is off. This means that staying warm this winter will be far more cost effective and as an added bonus, you’ll save energy resources and reduce your carbon footprint.

Pink is the New Green

A company called Aeropink insulates with a material called Aerolite. Aerolite is comprised of naturally recurring minerals such as Silica Sand, as well as 80 percent recycled glass that would have otherwise gone to landfills. Their glasswool boasts other impressive properties; it is vermin proof, non-combustible and well documented as a safe building material. Minimize your environmental impact by going pink; contact Aeropink today, or visit their website for more information.