It’s the product name everyone has heard of. We have been installing Aerolite for the past 50 years in homes, offices, hospitals and buildings. Our clients are often customers that return again and again keeping their new premises cool in summer and warm in winter.
We continue to be the best in the business
Aeropink, established in 1967 is the most approved Ceiling Insulation Company in South Africa. Our teams handle any size installation from entire homes for one day to huge buildings of thousands of square meters.
Reasons Why Aeropink is always in demand
The product is a safe form of insulation with no harmful effects, cost efficient and is non-combustible keeping your heating bills down in winter and cooling your home is summer. During South Africa’s hot summers the insulation slows the rate of heat exchange through the roof by up to 87%, working as a natural temperature control. Your cooling and heating costs are significantly reduced which results in a comfortable indoor temperature. This is referred to as the R Value which specifies the ability of material to resist the flow of heat. The higher the R Value, the better the product performs through winter and summer, saving costs on electrical bills.
Installing Roof Insulation in your Home
Our product is totally fire retardant and carries a 1 fire index rating according to the TIPSASA. Furthermore it does not encourage vermin as it’s carefully designed with no nutrient substances to feed on which improves the health factor for your family and the environment.
Information on Purchasing Aeropink
The Product is packed in compression packed rolls and is easy to cut and install. It has excellent sound absorption properties reducing the external noise. Consider Aeropink when planning your new premises.