Its that time of year again. The heat is rising, the grass is greener and we need to have a chat about your home’s roof insulation.
Because you will be working your hardest to manage temperatures in your home, and insulation forms an essential part of being able to do this. Without the right insulation, your home won’t be able to keep warm air out while locking cool air in, which means your house will be less comfortable and more expensive to manage.
Why Insulate your Home Before Summer?
The temperatures haven’t hit their apex just yet, so while your home is temperate right now, it will warm with the weather as the seasons turn and become uncomfortable.
If you are using air conditioners to cool your indoor spaces, the right insulation will ensure that your home is energy efficient, since it will lock that cool air in for longer. This means you will be spending less on power costs due to cooling your home.
Additional Benefits of Roof Insulation with Aerolite
Aerolite can improve the efficiency of your home by up to 87% when managing temperatures in your indoor spaces. This means that you will incur lower energy costs throughout the summer when cooling your home.
Aerolite offers a safe insulation solution since it is non-combustible without limitations, and is also okay for your health, while being environmentally friendly. This makes it ideal for use in residential setups, and will keep your home and family safe.
Aerolite contains no sustenance for vermin, which means that it won’t attract any pests in your ceiling. Pests are generally more active in the summer months, making the coming hot seasons an ideal time to get the right roof insulation.
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