The height of summer always serves as a reminder for why homes and buildings need to be insulated. Between the staggering heat and plenty of rain, insulation helps keep buildings both temperate and protected. While there are a number of products out there that you can use, Aeropink is used by ceiling insulation companies all over Gauteng, because it comes with a number of unique benefits. Here are a few good reasons to use it for your next insulation project.
Reduce Heat Loss
Aeropink is remarkably effective at reducing heat in homes during the summer months, and keeping it locked in during the winter. In fact it boasts an amazing 87% efficiency when reducing heat flow in a building or home, contributing to a much more comfortable indoor environment.
Aeropink is also non-combustible, which means that it poses no risk of spreading a fire if one is accidentally started in the building, especially where electrical work in ceilings is concerned. This makes it a particularly safe option, especially for commercial buildings.
Does Not Attract Pests
None of the materials used to produce Aeropink give any sustenance to vermin such as rats or insects. While this might not seem like a big deal at face value, it does mean that this particular insulation product does not attract pests, especially in ceilings where they tend to roam when left unchecked.
This means that it is one of the few insulation materials that keeps your home free of unwanted pests, to contribute to a more hygienic environment.
Protect the People in Your Home
All of the materials used to make Aeropink are safe for people and the environment. When compared to a substance such as asbestos, it is easy to see why it is much better and far safer to use it in insulation tasks.
Contact Aeropink for Details
To find out more about how your home or office can benefit from being insulated with Aeropink, be sure to get into contact with one of our representatives for details. Additionally, you can find more information by visiting us at our website.