Insulation And Climate

Roof insulation is a major factor when trying to keep your house cool during the summer months and warm during the winter.

Without insulation your house will be far more vulnerable to the external environment, leaving you and your family in either very hot or very cold conditions.

Roof insulation is a needed material which is installed in your roof as it helps regulate the temperature in your home far better than if you didn’t have it.

Depending on the climate, whether it be cool summer and cool winter or hot summers and cold winters, roof insulation has to be measured and installed effectively.

Climate will depend on how much surface area insulation has to cover as well as where the insulation will need to go.

Some houses can install insulation in walls as well as under the house, whereby the insulation will keep the walls and floor colder or warmer depending on the season.

Not all houses are built the same and as such, wall and ceiling insulation needs to be done differently.

The difference comes from the fact that some houses will require insulation in bulk, especially in more exposed areas, than others.

Each house is different and so finding a ceiling insulation company that understands this, while being able to supply you with the right amount of insulation, can be hard to find.

On top of this, you want to be sure that you have a qualified and competent team working on your roof insulation as it is not something which is done on a regular basis if done correctly.

Aeropink has been dealing with different sized and material houses for decades and as such have been able to grow their knowledge on how to effectively insulate each home for its unique needs.

Roof insulation is not an easy thing to do in terms of planning, however, Aeropink, with their years of knowledge, can effectively and efficiently install insulation within a single day.

Aeropink will also ensure that all spaces are sealed well so that the ceiling insulation can work to its optimum.

Aeropink, ceiling insulation company Gauteng, has worked tirelessly in order to provide their pink insulation to as many homes as possible in South Africa.

What Is Aerolite And How Does It Work?

Aerolite is a product used by Aeropink which is used in ceiling insulation in order to block off any exposed areas, gaps and holes in your roof and walls, which helps in regulating the temperature.

Not only is the material safe, it works amazingly and decreases the need for any alternative heating and cooling systems such as heaters or air conditioners.

Above this, the material is also way more cost-effective, saving you money while helping keep your home at a nice temperature.

Aeropink’s Aerolite has been known to improve the temperature in homes by about 5 degrees Celsius.

Roof insulation has become so much simpler and quicker to install thanks to the efforts of Aeropink.

They have done their homework in terms of providing houses with adequate regulation.

Where climate does affect the usefulness of ceiling insulation, Aeropink has used its skills in order to provide you with the best quality insulation, Aerolite.

This product allows you to keep cool during the summer months as it slows down the amount of heat expenditure into your house.

Roof insulation also helps any cooling systems you do have to work at its best, with these systems requiring less energy to work.

Insulation saves you more money than you ever thought possible.

Another big reason as to why Aerolite works so well as a roof insulation material is that it limits the amount of heat exposure from the sun in your roof, displacing it, not allowing it to settle.

You will know when you step into a house that they have Aerolite ceiling insulation, as South African homes can notice a high 80% reduction in heat when using this product.

Aeropink is a ceiling insulation company Gauteng who understands what houses need, especially South African houses where the weather can change from hot and sunny to cold and rainy in a matter of moments.

Global warming is also something which has become a big concern and as such, there is no better time to get your roof insulation installed than now.

This is not just a precaution but also the fact that Aerolite is a clean material which helps in decreasing our environmental impact, which helps in saving this planet.

That is summer but what about winter?

During winter, roof insulation is used in order to keep heat longer. What this means is that Aerolite decreases the rate at which heat is expelled from the house.

Heat is needed as without it during the winter months, you and your family will be left highly uncomfortable.

As with cooling systems, heating devices also work much better, requiring less energy to function well, which will help in keeping your costs low.

Ceiling insulation is best when done correctly, and you can rest assured that Aeropink will install your ceiling insulation perfectly.

Aerolite Will Not Burn Up In Flames

Aerolite is a roof insulation material which is not only amazing at doing its job, but it is also non-combustible which means that in case of any fires in the house, the material will not light on fire.

This is good because if it were to catch alight, this could increase the chance of your house going up in flames and burning down.

Using roof insulation which is not up to Aerolite standard leaves your house exposed to potentially dangerous combustion.

Insulation spreads throughout the house and therefore there is a huge risk, if it is combustible, for your entire roof, house and belongings to be devoured by fire.

Aerolite is made from fibreglass which cannot be set alight, this roof insulation product is far less dangerous in terms of a fire factor and is also not harmful in any way if breathed in.

There is ceiling insulation which is quite dangerous, not only in terms of it being flammable but also because of the fact that if breathed in, can lead to a whole host of health problems.

The Top 5 Causes Of Roof Fires

When you are looking for ways to ensure that there are no leaks or mould occurring in your house, you should also take note of the fact that fires can also take place.

There are many instances of people disregarding this fact and ending up with their house being burnt down.

Where roof insulation can be a cause of such fires, there are other reasons as to why fire hazards must be preempted.

Your roof can cause a lot of destruction if you do not make sure that the below mentioned is monitored and maintained.

The five causes of roof fires are damaged electrical wiring, roof insulation, leaks in your roof, poor roofing materials and unmaintained chimneys.

Damaged Electrical Wiring

Wiring, as well as poorly maintained outlets and faulty appliances, are all root causes of houses being set alight out of nowhere.

If lights or outlets were to suddenly spark, there is a high possibility that these sparks may fall onto a flammable surface, starting a flame which could engulf your entire house.

The best thing to do is to regularly check if any exposed wires are working as well as if your outlets and appliances are in good condition.

Roof Insulation

Roof insulation materials can come in a variety of different forms and as such, some of these materials can be set alight and will spread to each other and in the roof.

Of course, ceiling insulation is not the primary cause of fires but if a spark or flame were to come into contact with a certain type of material, there could be a high chance of it fuelling the fire.

This all comes down to who supplied and installed your insulation as there are companies such as Aeropink, which uses Aerolift roof insulation, which as we discussed above is non-combustible.

Choosing Aeropink, a reputable and innovative ceiling insulation company, will save you time, money and will allow you to relax rather than stress about whether or not your roof insulation is flammable.

Leaks In Your Roof

Water can be a dangerous cause of fires as it can cause electrical wiring to short circuit and spark up, lighting up parts of your roof and of course insulation.

Geysers are most commonly found in roofs and if they burst they can cause a lot of problems for you, not only with dampness but with the risk of fire.

Regularly checking your pipes and geyser will ensure that there is a low possibility of any leaks or bursts occurring in your home.

Roof insulation may be an issue in terms of carrying flames, but to an extent, water can do more damage than you may think.

Poor Roofing Materials

Depending on what type of roofing you use, some may be more flammable than others and of course, when there is a chance of a firing spreading there is a concern.

Acquiring metal tiles or sheets, as well as fire-resistant materials can help in limiting the chance of engulfment.

Of course, there are flammable materials which have undergone treatments to make them incombustible, however, before purchasing such roofing material, be sure to check its grade.

The reason is that a roof on fire will light up roof insulation, which could cause wires to spark and the entire event will leave you without a home.

Doing your homework about what materials are best to use is a sure way to prevent any fires from occurring.

An Unmaintained Chimney

If you do not regularly clean out your chimney there could be flammable material caught in the middle.

This material can spark and flames can travel through it, into your roof where ceiling insulation and there possible flammable substances may be sitting.

Installing the proper measure in order to ensure that no sparks can exit in dangerous or combustible spaces, such as the roof.

Whether it be wires, roof insulation, leaks, poor roofing materials or chimneys, your best bet is to assess your house as well as ensure that the proper maintenance checks are being done.

How Slate Roof Insulation Benefits You

Energy Saving Costs

With proper roof insulation, you will see the decrease in the need to use heating or cooling systems as regularly as you do now.

Of course, when you are not using a system as often, it is using less energy, therefore, you will save money on the energy you aren’t using.

We can also see that these systems will not have to work so hard to provide heat or coolness and this will also save you in terms of energy costs.

Long Term Prevention Of Moisture Damage

When it comes to ceiling insulation, the better it is, the better it will protect your home from water filtering into your roof causing damp spots.

Damp spots can deteriorate your roof and cause mould which will cause a lot of health issues for you and your family.

Proper insulation, from a ceiling insulation company such as Aeropink, will prevent this from happening.


Helping The Environment

Of course the better we take care of our insulation, by using high-quality roof insulation, the better it is for the overall environment.

The reason goes back to the first point, where the less energy we are using the better it will be for our overall energy consumption.

The less we consume energy the less we are polluting the environment.

Not only is Aeropink green in terms of their product, but they are also green in terms of trying to decrease there, and their clients, impact on the environment.

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