How To Know That Your Insulation Is Being Installed Correctly

The new year has begun and where some have already taken the step to install Aerolite insulation into their roofs, walls and floors, there are still a few who maybe don’t understand what exactly insulation is.

Insulation not only protects your house from the outside climate, be it in summer or winter, but it is also really good in protecting important parts of the house from any fire damages.

Aerolite, in particular, is non-combustible which means that it does not catch alight, this is good because it will not set alight if a faulty wire were to spark in your roof.

Aeropink is the top service in terms of providing and installing insulation with over 50 years of experience in dealing with insulation and installation.

The company is not only the leading ceiling insulation company in Gauteng, but they are also a leader in the entire country of South Africa, as well as in other parts of Africa.

Aerolite roof insulation is far healthier than other forms of insulation, which can actually damage your lungs.

On top of this, the time it takes for Aerolite to be installed by Aeropink is very short, with your roofing, walls or floors being insulated within as little as a day.

To most of us roof insulation, and other forms, is something which we may not understand, and in top of this might not think we need.

Insulation is very important and the proper insulation will ensure that your house is flowing smoothly and that you will not have to replace your insulation for a number of years.

Ceiling insulation may not be one of the cheapest ways of ensuring your house, and those inside it, are kept cool or warm, however, choosing Aerolite by Aeropink will mean quality and efficiency.

Installing the wrong roof insulation could lead to a lot of insulation installations which in the end will be far more than you thought you would have to spend, far more than Aeropink costs.

How Is It Installed?

Don’t install insulation yourself, that would be the first trick to installing insulation correctly.

After this, you would want to contact the right service provider, who is capable and understands what the job will take to insulate the right places in your house.

Ceiling insulation is just one of many types of insulation’s that Aeropink, using Aerolite, provide to their customers.

Using a professional is the best thing for you to do because it will be done correctly and will not take as much time as a DIY job will.

After you have decided to choose Aerolite, you will now see that your roof insulation can be started, all adhering to the specific province codes and legislations, which Aeropink is aware of.

There must be no gaps between the Aerolite insulation as spaces will mean that there will be a place for heat or cold to travel into, directly into your home.

Aeropink, the best ceiling insulation company in Gauteng, will cut the insulation while it is still wrapped up, as this is how it needs to be done, and will be able to measure your roof correctly.

This process includes fitting between the beams of the roof so that the entire roof is completely covered correctly, ensuring that your roof insulation will work correctly.

Aerolite should never be rolled out over the beams as this will crate pokes of space whee air can be funnelled through, making it easier for cold or hot air to travel into the house.

Roof insulation also requires that all wiring be lifted above the insulation, as well as downlights having a breathable hole.

Finally, as mentioned above, use a ceiling insulation company as they know exactly what they are doing.

If you are looking for proper roof insulation, contact Aeropink for more information.

Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling insulation which is designed correctly has been tested and has been graded in order to ensure that it is within the guidelines of the correct specifications.

Aeropink has been in the game for many years and is always looking to improve its output of service while utilising the best roof insulation product, Aerolite.

Its pink colour may look cute, however, the work it is able to do for your home in terms of insulation while being healthy compared to other insulators is why it is the best in the market.

On to of this, Aeropink and the product Aerolite are both environmentally friendly and green.

Aeropink has always looked to the future and with our current global environmental struggle, a company that cares about the planet as much as they care about your house is a good company to work with.


One major benefit is the fact that Aeropink ceiling insulation cannot catch alight meaning that there is no chance of it burning up and adding more “fuel to the fire” if a fire were to occur.

Aerolite is also roof insulation which helps you to save money and energy on heating and cooling as you will not need to buy heaters and air conditioners.

This ensures that you are saving cash and that you are not wasting energy.

It improves the overall temperature of your house by about 4 to 8 degrees, in winter and summer.

Aerolite also has an added benefit of being roof insulation that also acts as a soundproofing agent.

Aeropink, using Aerolite, also ensures that where the costs may be high to install, you will recover these costs within as little time as three years.

Aerolite is also designed to prevent critters from burrowing themselves inside which is a huge benefit as it is less likely to find bugs in your ceiling.

Finally, a more steady supply of a uniform temperature actually ensures that those living in the house will have a healthier living environment.

Under Floor Insulation

Something which may not seem to be common, especially in a country such as South Africa is actually something which is in almost every home.

Homes with wooden flooring will especially need floor insulation as this type of floor allows more heat and cold transportation.

Like roof insulation, underfloor insulation helps to keep the temperature in your house at a level where it is comfortable regardless of the season.

Underfloor insulation is also commonly used when underfloor heating is implemented in the home, as it helps to keep the heating central, rather than spreading out everywhere and becoming ineffective.

Aeropink is comfortable with installing insulation in your home, mostly done before a house has been completed, as the process of installing insulation after the fact takes a lot more planning and time.

Aeropink is much more than a ceiling insulation company in Gauteng, and are more than qualified to install insulation in your walls and floors.

Contact Aeropink if you would like to look into insulating other areas of your house besides the roof.

How Exactly Is Insulation An Energy Saver?

This may come as a surprise, and often a confusing surprise when it is stated that insulation actually helps with saving your house’s energy.

Whether it be roof insulation or any other type of insulation, the need to keep the temperature regulated is a vital one.

In South Africa, and across the globe, whether can change in an instant and you need a house which is able to hold its heat or cool itself down in a short space of time.

If this does not happen, the effects that temperature can have on the body can be fatal.S

Ceiling insulation, and insulation in general, is used widely in industrial works as it is able to reduce the number of energy systems and machines use, cutting costs and lowering maintenance needs.

Not only do insulators help in decreasing energy expenditure and energy costs, but they also help to decrease the price which the consumer will pay out after products are manufactured.

Aeropink, a master of roof insulation, helps you to decrease the amount of energy you are using in your home.

What this does is that it allows your house the opportunity to not have to install heaters and air conditioners as they will not need to be used as insulation is able to do the job effectively.

If you already have heaters or air conditioners installed in the home, the need to use them as often will be decreased.

By doing so you will not be using as much energy which will lower your energy costs, in term lowering your overall costs.

The biggest benefit of roof insulation is the fact that you will be helping to save the planet. The less energy we are using, the less we need, meaning that there will be less pollution in the air.

Aeropink in itself is a green company, however, their choice of Aerolite makes their business even greener.

Shaping our homes and buildings into environmentally friendly spaces will help curb our environmental impact throughout the world.

What If There Was No Such Thing As Insulation?

Ceiling insulation is an ever-changing field with new and improved products coming out as the years go by.

The impact of global warming is why roof insulation is so important. Aerolite has been at the forefront of curbing the major impact of global warming.

We are at a point on earth that if it weren’t for the energy-saving properties of insulation, we as humans would probably not exist.

As mentioned above, energy consumption can skyrocket if insulation is not installed, and installed properly, therefore, by ensuring that your house is insulated, you are not only helping yourself, you are helping the planet.

Choosing The Right Supplier


When looking into getting roof insulation done for your house, the first thing you will look at is the pricing.

We see that although Aerolite is costly compared to other types of insulators, what it provides to your house is by far more than any other insulator.

Ceiling insulation is something, which if done wrong, will cost more to replace than spending a bit of a product which will last a long time and is healthier for your house.

Choose Aeropink, as they will not only install the insulation correctly, they will also ensure you that you will recoup what you spent on the insulation in a short amount of time.


The biggest benefit of choosing Aeropink, and Aerolite, is that you will really not have to change your ceiling insulation for many numbers of years.

Aeropink will install your insulation in as little as a day, and will not have to come back, no check-ups or repairs.


Aeropink is one of the most reliable ceiling insulation companies in Gauteng, and across South Africa, amassing years of experience and positives reviews.

Aerolite is used extensively by Aeropink as it has a long lifespan, is non-combustible, healthier for the home and will do the job correctly.

Aeropink has been in business for over 50 years and as such have built up skills and knowledge in the business which are in line with the regulations based on insulation across South Africa.

When you choose to spend your money on Aerolite, you are choosing quality and long term results.

Think smart and think pink, with Aeropink.

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