The affordable and efficient way to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Ceiling insulation is designed to reduce the transfer of heat through the ceiling.

Ceiling insulation will also help with your electricity bills in your home as we all know how crazy those bills can get each month.

This insulation is environmentally friendly and Aeropink are supporters of the Pink Drive. Here are a few DIY tips on ceiling insulation.

DIY – What you will need

Before you start you will need a few things in order for you to do your ceiling insulation. Your main product you need to have is your ceiling insulation. Safety clothing is a must just to be prepared for anything that can go wrong.

Utility knife and a tape measure in order for your insulation to fit just right in your roof. Knee board and portable light preferably someone can help hold this light so everything can be seen clearly. And lastly a step ladder to get to your roof to do the job.

Quick fact before you start

Fibres in the insulation do not cause health risks, but the fibres in the insulation will cause itchiness. 300mm is the optimum depth for loft insulation, if you double the depth this will not double the energy saving.

Be careful where you walk while working.

Let us begin

Work with one roll at a time, it must fit between the beams and joints.

Remove the insulation from the bag and roll it out between the beams. Do not compress the roof insulation, if you do this it will reduce its ability to insulate fully. Simply just place it on top.

Cut the insulation around the doors or any other fixtures, use quality contact adhesive.

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